Circulation Service

The circulation service relates to:
Books which are borrowed from a closed collection for limited time (one or two hours) for use within the Library.
Please note that:
In the Graduate Library, the library has an “Open Stack” which allows its users to  enter the stack to browse for themselves.

Reference Service

The Library renders reference services to its users by availing such materials as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Biographical dictionaries, Geographical dictionaries, etc.

In cases where the required information or reference material is not available in the Library, the reference staff will request needed resources from other local libraries or those abroad.

Periodical Service

The library has a periodicals section where materials such as a daily newspaper, a weekly/monthly news magazine, etc. are kept.  Patrons can only use these periodicals in the place designated for periodical services.

Reading Service

The reading areas of the library are open to all Library users while the Library is open.

Digital Library Service

The digital library service provides access to electronic information resources within the College’s Intranet / Local Area Network/. Limited computers are available which are free to use for up to an hour. You can use these computers to access the Internet or the library resources and the catalogue. 

The ICT Office of the College manages the IT infrastructure for the College Library. Issues related to user login or digital library use should be reported to the library personnel.