Reading Area

The reading areas of the Library are open to all Library users in accordance with the following rules.

  • As Courtesy to all other users and staff of the Library, all persons in the Library’s reading rooms must keep the level of noise low. Any person causing noise or any other disturbance shall be warned by the Library Staff to be quiet. If the noise or disturbance continues, the Librarian or the Library Assistant may have culprit removed from the Library. If the person refuses to leave the Library when so ordered, or repeatedly creates noise or disturbance, the Librarian may revoke the culprit’s privileges, or take some other action as she/he deems appropriate.
  • No person may take into the reading rooms of the Library a briefcase, or any other bags, or container in which books may be placed and kept hidden from the view. The Library shall provide an area at the Library entrance designated for storing personal belongings, including bags. The Library will not, however, be responsible for any loss of valuables.
  • Any container taken into the reading room in violation of this rule shall be opened for inspection at the check-out point before being taken out of the Library.
  • Bags, briefcases, raincoats, and umbrellas shall not be allowed into the Library, and should be left at the designated area near the exit.
  • All users must present an identity card when required to do so.
  • Consultations and discussions in the Library are strictly prohibited.
Use of Library Materials
  • No user will be allowed to avail Library facilities without a valid ID Card.
  • Library materials must not be marked, defaced, misused, mutilated or annotated in any way.
  • Books/Journals must be left on the tables where they were used. Users should not return them to the shelves. This will be done by the librarians.
Technology Use
  • The Library’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is meant for searching ONLY materials in the Library collection.
  • Tampering with all the Library equipment, changing the hardware or software or settings on a Library computer, or using a Library computer for a purpose other than that designated by the Library is an offense to the College.
  • Cell-phones must be switched off and may not be used in the reading room.
Code of Conduct