We have implemented extensive protocols to maintain a safe environment.

Face Mask and Social Distancings<a>j</a>

Face Mask and Social Distancing

  • All employees, students, and visitors are required to have a mask or face covering readily available on their person when on campus.
  • One meter of separation is required while in campus.
  • Anyone entering a building must put on a mask and continue to wear a mask in all common areas.
  • Masks as well as social distancing is required for all outdoor events.
  • Masks may be removed while dining as long as social distancing is maintained.

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  • Anyone entering the BITS College campus must have their body temperature measured.
  • Entrance will not be permitted to anyone with a suspicious body temperature. Instead they will be advised to get themselves checked.
  • When entering the compound, everyone should wash their hands with soap and water or use a sanitizer (containing 70% alcohol).
  • When entering the building everyone will be required to wipe their shoes on the mat placed at the entrance of the building.

Application and Registration

Application and Registration

  • All interested should apply online.
  • Entrance examination is administered online in the premises of the college.
  • Students legible for admission should be registered online.
Class Administration

Class Administration
Classes are administered in compliance with MoSHE Covid-19 guidelines for higher education.

  • Breaks between every session.
  • Designated seats for each student throughout the semester.
  • Sanitization and ventilation of classrooms during breaks.
  • Appropriate social distancing during class time.
Computer Labs

Computer Labs

  • Computers and accessories are cleaned with antiseptic chemicals after each session.
  • Appropriate physical distancing is maintained.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use sanitizer/alcohol before entering the library.
  • Always wear a face mask.
  • Sit at least 1 meter apart and avoid being face-to-face with another student.
  • Students are not allowed to sit on chairs marked with an.
  • Students should clean the table they have used with the antiseptic chemicals provided by the library.
  • Students are encouraged to clean the table they wish to use with the antiseptic chemicals provided by the library.
  • Students are encouraged to use the online reference materials.
  • In case of the need to use hard copy materials, they should be returned to the place designated for returns.
  • The Libraries are sanitized and ventilated frequently throughout the day.